Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....

Yes, it's true. I love snow, especially at Christmas time. I believe I have been singing this song for way too many Decembers. Is it too much to ask for a little snow to make it feel like Christmas? Oh well, I suppose I should just remember that the important part of Christmas is remembering the Savior. I am trying really hard this year to focus more on Him during this season. I love Christmas and all the wonderful traditions, but sometimes it is hard for me to determine whether the traditions we have really have anything to do with Christ. This is my first Christmas being out of school and I'm loving it! I have so much more time to focus on the important things instead of worrying about finals and buying presents the day before Christmas. This year I got my shopping done early (most of it anyway) so now I can focus on serving people around me and spending time with family.

Backtracking a little... We had a really nice Thanksgiving with both our families. We took family pictures with Barrett's family Thanksgiving morning (hopefully I will be getting those soon) because it was the first time we have all been together for 3 years. Then we ate the big meal at his parents house. After that we went with my family and cut Christmas trees! (pictures to follow soon). We usually do this the day after Thanksgiving but the weather was so nice we decided to go the same day. I'm really glad we did because the next two days the weather was really yucky! We got a beautiful tree and I loved putting it up. I love the smell of the freshly cut tree. It always helps me have the Christmas spirit. I love this time of year!