Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Cousin

Anna's cousin Myah Pope was born July 8, 2008. She was almost exactly the same size as Anna when she was born, but was 2 ounces bigger. She definately has more hair though. Welcome to the world Myah!

Another New Cousin

Anna's new cousin Katelyn Sierra Jensen was born August 7, 2008. She was a lot smaller than Anna when she was born, only weighing 6 and 1/2 lbs.

Katelyn waving hello to the world!

Here is Anna meeting her new cousin. Look how much more hair she has!

This picture is so funny I had to include it. She looks like she's on a roller coaster!

Katelyn and her older brother Cameron.

The skinny one and the chubby one

Anna's a monster! She's 4 months old and wearing 6 to 9 month clothes while Katelyn is 3 weeks old and still in preemie clothes.

Jacque (Katelyn's mom) and I decided she looks like a flying squirrel in this outfit. Whoever decided preemie babies needed that much width in their clothes was silly!

Happy Day: Pacifiers are Great!

Anna would not take a pacifier for 3 months. Then on her 3 month birthday, July 19th, she finally decided they are a good thing! I think it is because she started teething already and her gums hurt, so it feels good to suck. Here are a few fun pictures of her firsts with a pacifier. I was so glad she finally took one because she was starting to suck on her thumb a lot and I didn't want to worry about stopping that habit later!
Before the pacifier

Happily sleeping after!

Car rides have been a little quieter since the pacifier

Cuddling with her bear blanket that Grammy Andersen made her.

Anna's Blessing Day

I'm finally getting around to posting again. I'm almost 2 months behind! Anyway, Anna was blessed on July 6, 2008 by her daddy, Barrett Gibson. Her Grandpa Gibson, Grandpa Andersen, Uncle Paul Andersen, and Great Grandpa Andersen were in the circle too. She looked so cute in her dress that her Grandma Gibson gave her. It was really funny because I didn't put her dress on her until we got to the church. On the way there I was looking at it and thought the dress looked huge and would drown her, but when I put it on her it fit perfectly! She is such a little chunk!