Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's been a while since I actually wrote much in a post and since I don't have any pictures that's all this post is going to be! I've been thinking about words lately and how amazing it is that they have such an impact on us. Anyone that is around my little Caleb lately has been laughing a lot as he is learning new words and doesn't often get them right. For example, he calls his behind his bump, his toy motorcycle is an uncleyycle, and his name is Dabub. It's pretty funny to hear him, but it gets me thinking how important it is to learn to speak and express ourselves through words. It is the only way we can tell other people how we are feeling or what we want from them.

I've been working really hard with Anna lately to use better words to communicate and be polite. She started talking early and very well, but likes to resort back to baby language. And if there is a conflict between Caleb and Anna she resorts to more physical communication or just crying and screaming. I am trying to show her that when she uses words to talk civilly to another person they are much more willing to help her or return her things. She is doing better and my ears are feeling much better!

Also since Barrett is in Utah doing another internship during the week words have become very special to me. Sometimes he sends me emails or leaves me notes and it means the world to me. But also just being able to talk with him at the end of the day and express our feelings in words is amazing to me. It amazes me that just talking with someone can bring you closer.

I feel like I'm not making a lot of sense, but I feel like I've had a breakthrough in my thinking as I focus on how words impact us so strongly for good or bad. I firmly believe the old rhyme "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me" is the biggest falsehood. We all know how much words can hurt. And lately I've also been thinking that it is the way we say things as well that can hurt. I've been trying to pay attention to my own voice when I speak to my children and sadly I'm often ashamed at what I hear. I am trying to speak to them in a more positive tone that makes them feel at ease instead of in an interrogation. I especially need to be a greater example of it myself if I want Anna to be more civil in the way she talks.

This is sort of a change in subject, but I am increasingly appalled at how written language is being destroyed by technology. People don't know or don't care how to use proper punctuation and capitalization and depend on their spell check for everything. It is really sad to see college graduates who still don't know how to properly write their own language. My biggest pet peeve lately is apostrophes. People put them in on words that are plural instead of possessive and it drives me crazy!! How can we expect future generations to carry on our language if we can't even write it ourselves?

Ok off my soap box...but I am going to focus more on words this week and how important they are. Starting with the scriptures! I don't think there have been any more influential words ever written than in the Book of Mormon. I have been blessed by the words in that great book almost every day since I started reading scriptures in primary. Just like any thing in this life, we need to focus on using words to do good and uplift others and not put them down. That's my goal for this week. Give compliments, speak in a positive tone, and study the words of prophets!