Monday, January 31, 2011


I am not really big on making New Years resolutions, but I can't help feeling a sense of change at the start of a new year. There is something about starting a new year (or new anything) that just screams that it's time for change. I think I have felt a need for change more this year than ever. After spending three weeks in Idaho for the holidays (which was really nice except for all of us having colds) I was really ready to come home and get back to a routine. That is probably the biggest need for change I have felt. I have not been the best at managing my time in the past and it has just hit me really strongly that I need to be better about having a routine and getting as much done as I can while the kids are sleeping so I can spend more quality time with them.

I've still been really struggling with tiredness all the time, but I have finally come around to the realization that I will probably be tired the rest of my life. It would be much more beneficial for me to get up when Barrett does and make breakfast or do some dishes before the kids wake up than to lie in bed for half an hour wishing I was sleeping. I could also do better at working on projects or other things in the evening instead of looking at things online and wasting my time.

Another thing I have felt strongly that I need to change is the way I write in my journal. I have been trying to be better on my blog about writing things that are heartfelt and meaningful, but in my journal it has been mostly facts and events. I feel like I am always playing catch up. I hate playing catch up. So I'm going to stop. I'm trying to write more often and write things that will be more meaningful to me and my children in the future. This week I have been trying to write down little things that my kids do that I might not remember if I don't write them down.

For example: Anna calls her dad "hon" most of the time. She loves broccoli and lettuce but doesn't care much for potatoes. She also knows her right from left and I don't have any idea how she knows them, but she always knows which foot, ear, eye, etc is left or right. Anna talks so cute and still doesn't pronounce her r's, v's, l's, th's and sh's. She also confuses words often. She calls her tooth brush her brush teeth and loves to watch White Snow and the Seven Doors.

Caleb will not leave his socks on unless he has shoes on. I have shoes on him most the time or else his socks are off in two seconds. He is crawling like a madman now and pulling himself up on everything. He knows how to climb the stairs but still doesn't have any teeth. He will eat almost anything. Since birth Caleb has kept his thumbs tightly in his fists. He keeps his hands more open now, mostly because he crawls, but he still holds them in and picks things up with his 4 fingers instead of with his thumb. This kid loves balls. He chases them all throughout the house and often crawls around with one in his hand.

Another change we started this year was exercising more regularly. We broke down and got a membership at the YMCA. It has been so nice! I love exercising and especially being able to lift weights, something I can't do at home. They also have free child care while you work out, so that is very helpful. Anna likes to go play at the gym and Caleb does pretty well being left with strangers. He is still a huge momma's boy, but will go to just about anyone as long as I'm out of his sight. He smiles at everyone he sees.

One more change I am trying to make is having more regular scripture study. In a blog I love to read that I've mentioned several times, Asking Jane, she challenged her readers to study scriptures for 15 minutes in the morning before everything else and end with a really good prayer. I am trying really hard to do this because my scripture study has been pretty sporadic, depending on whether the kids sleep at the same time, etc. I have not been very consistent yet, but am working on making it a daily habit. I definitely notice a difference on the days I do study before everything else. Even if I don't remember everything I read, it is a way for me to put the Lord first every day and try to do His will.

Well this post has been long enough. I will try to post more often and report how I'm doing on my goals. I have many of them, but I don't think they are too lofty to accomplish! I know that doing them will help me be happier and a better wife and mother.-