Saturday, March 6, 2010

Binky, Bed, Boogers, and Belly

As the title of this post states, we have had quite the month of changes.

First: we got rid of Anna's pacifier!! (or plug as she called it). She was only allowed to have it in her bed in the first place, but I think the only reason she liked it was to chew on it. It was just getting to be a big hassle because she was always dropping it out of her crib and stuff. I was a little worried we would have some awful nights, but it went so smoothly I was amazed!

Love this girl!

Here's how we did it: she chewed on it so much that it got a hole in it so we cut off the end and let her attempt to use it for a few nights. Then she chewed a little more off it and it was just a mess so we told her the plug was broken and needed to be thrown away. Without a hesitation she marched downstairs to the kitchen and put it right in! We said goodbye plug and put her to bed. She still asked for it for at least a week, but I was so glad that we had HER throw it away so we could just remind her that she threw it in the garbage. It worked like a charm! It is so nice not to have to keep finding the thing and worry about losing it on trips and stuff.

Our little Anna is getting so grown up! The next big thing this month was that we changed her bed from a crib to a toddler bed. I was really worried once again that we would just have some nightmarish nights trying to get her to stay in it, but she actually goes to sleep much better! When she was in her crib we would put her to bed and she would play and play in there for hours sometimes instead of sleeping. But once we changed it to a toddler bed I usually only have to tell her to get back in bed once and she goes to sleep. Of course she still has her fact I think she's been playing in her room for about an hour now instead of sleeping, but for the most part she does really well going to sleep in her "big girl bed." (And she only falls out every now and then!) It is so cute when she wakes up because she knock on her door until we let her out and then with a huge smile on her face says "I wake up!" She also often reminds me that she slept in her bed. I think that's her way of telling me she slept in her big bed instead of a crib. She loves it.

I just thought of two other B words that could have been in my title: bear and bunny. Anna has always had to sleep with her bear blanket that my mom made her, but recently has become very attached to a white bunny she got from Barrett's grandma as a baby. She carries the bunny around everywhere and cannot sleep without it. You can see in the picture of her sleeping that the bear and bunny are her best pals! Of course the bunny would have to be white....lets just say it gets washed quite often!

Ok, I know you are all dying to know why I put boogers in the title. The answer is that my child is obsessed with putting things up her nose lately! Ugh! She has placed little hair bands up her nose 3 or 4 times, a piece of broccoli, and lunch meat. Yes, I did say lunch meat. That one is a long story that I won't go into detail about, but the point is yuck! Why do kids find that so fascinating? Thankfully we have some medical tweezers Barrett got when he worked at the hospital or I don't know how we would have gotten those things out of her nose. We keep telling her not to and remind her how much she hates it when we have to pin her down and pull them out....but she still does it! Thankfully it seems to be getting better. I have caught her a few times though, trying to put things like stickers or pieces of paper up there. What a crazy girl!

This post is long enough, but I'll include a few pictures of my belly at 30 weeks (1 week ago) and some more fun hairstyles I've done on Anna. She is so good to let me do her hair and I've been having a lot of fun experimenting. These hairstyles will be really nice in the summer when it gets hot...I'm tempted to try some on myself! ha ha