Friday, November 30, 2012

Lydia Jo

I'm only 2 1/2 months behind, but I'm finally posting about our new family member, Lydia! It's so weird for me to think about her only being part of our family less than 3 months. It feels like she's always been part of us!

Anyway Lydia Jo Gibson was born Thursday, September 13 (3 days after her due date) at 2:00 am. She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. She had blue/grey eyes and reddish brown hair.

I had an appointment with the midwives on Wednesday the 12th in the morning and was dilated to a 4 already. I had contractions all that day but they were never regular and never got any stronger so I didn't think much of it. (I always have lots of braxton hicks when I'm pregnant) Finally when Barrett got home from work late that evening I came to terms with the fact that I was probably in labor. I called the midwife around 10 pm and told her I thought I was in labor but the contractions still weren't really regular. She told me to come to the office so she could check me for sure.

So  I went into Rexburg and she checked me and said I was dilated to about 5 1/2 so I had progressed since that morning. She said I should probably prepare to go to the hospital and get my children taken care of and she'd see me again when I got up there. So Barrett pulled the kids out of bed and I met him at my parents' house. My contractions were finally starting to get harder and more regular so we finally went to the hospital and got there right at midnight. Even though my contractions had gotten harder they were still very bearable and Barrett and I talked and laughed with each other while we were in the triage room. The nurse was really confused and asked me why I was there since I didn't seem to be in much pain! After she checked me she said the midwives wanted me to walk the halls for an hour to try to get things to progress a little more.

So Barrett and I took off down the hall. We knew this routine well since we spent several hours walking those halls when Anna was born 4 years ago. At first we just walked and talked but the contractions were getting harder and harder so I'd have to stop and breathe during them. I had horrible back labor that was really painful and I thought to myself "not again!" I had bad back labor with Anna but my labor was really long with her. Thankfully this time that wasn't the case. We didn't even make it an hour walking the halls before I couldn't do it anymore. About 12:45 we went back to labor and delivery and they checked me in. By the time they got me into a room and everything ready to go I had already progressed a lot. I was still having really bad back labor so the midwives gave me water shots in my back. They hurt like the dickens! I don't think they were even worth it because I was ready to push shortly after so I don't know if they even helped at all.

I knelt on the bed and Lydia was born shortly after. For some reason I thought delivering my third baby would be a lot easier. Boy was I wrong! It was just as difficult (if not harder because she was bigger) as my other two! Lets just say when you don't get an epidural giving birth is not a calm, happy experience! I can't speak otherwise because I've never had an epidural, but I am glad I've had to labor with all my might to deliver my children. As with anything you work really hard at, the satisfaction you feel afterwords is very rewarding. Although I will admit the pushing and prodding shortly after giving birth is not pleasant at all!

Anyway, Lydia was big and healthy and felt so wonderful in my arms. She didn't really even cry after she was born, but was content just to be held and look around. She has been such a sweetie from the start! The first few days until my milk came in were a little rough because I think she was starving! She ate all the time and never seemed to be satisfied so she didn't sleep well. I never experienced that with my other two so I didn't even think about giving her some formula! I think it would have helped!

Lydia is such a good baby. She eats better and sleeps better than my other two kids. She only cries when she's hungry or sleepy and is so happy! She loves to look at people and laughs and smiles all the while. She melts my heart! She has also been growing like a weed! At her 2 month appointment she weighed over 16 lbs and I think she's already over 17 now. She is in the 100th percentile for weight and 98th for height, so she is just a big healthy girl! I didn't think she was that much bigger than Anna was at first until I realized that she is wearing the same clothes at 2 months that Anna was wearing at 5 and 6 months. I'm definitely going to have strong arms!

Lydia was blessed on November 4th in Rigby 16th ward by her daddy. Barrett's dad, my dad, my Grandpa Andersen, and my brother Greg participated in the circle. It was a beautiful blessing. The one thing that really stuck out in my mind was that she was blessed to have a missionary heart and a desire to be an example of the gospel to others. We had a lunch after church with our families and just had a nice day. It was so nice of my grandparents to come up from Utah for the blessing.

Besides having Lydia not too much has been going on at our house. We did get two black kittens for the kids shortly after Lydia was born to keep Cooper company in his big new dog house. They didn't get along at all for a few days, but now they sleep together every night and get along just great!

We also went on a trip to Boise at the end of October for Barrett to attend a conference. His boss paid for our hotel room and we were able to visit with my Aunt Karreen. Lydia was an angel and was so good the whole time. The kids had fun swimming at the hotel and playing at my aunt's house.

Anna is taking clogging lessons once a week and is having a fun time learning her dance. She is pretty funny to watch because she sticks her tongue out of her mouth when she is concentrating. She has also been doing preschool. 3 other moms in our ward and I are doing a preschool co-op where we take turns teaching the 4 kids at our house. Anna is enjoying it and I only have to teach every 4 weeks so it's working out pretty well. I love that she loves to learn and discover new things.

Caleb is just being Caleb and is a good sport tagging along with whatever I'm doing. He hates to be alone or excluded from anything so he is really good at helping me cook or do the dishes. He loves Lydia and is such a good helper with her. The first few weeks she was home he asked me like 15 times a day if he could hold her, which would usually last about a minute. He loves to talk to her and give her kisses. He has also learned many of Anna's clogging steps and likes to do them with her!

Of course life always changes a little when you add people to your family, but we are so thankful for our little Lydia and the joy she brings to our family. I feel so blessed to have three beautiful children and a loving husband. I'm so happy for the Christmas season and the traditions we have. We cut our Christmas tree in the mountains and had an adventure there! I love my family!