Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holidays and stuff

Here's a little picture update on our holidays and other things we've been doing lately. Barrett finished his second of four internships on the 9th of December and starts his next one January 9th so we've had a fun month having him home. He's been busy hunting (with no luck), working at his parents' house, working on cars, and doing school stuff. Not much of a break for him! Here's what we've been doing:

 Playing with play dough

 Building with blocks

 Watching a little tv

 Climbing on the table...ugh!

 Family pictures on Thanksgiving

 cutting a Christmas tree

Attempting to play in some snow...come on Rexburg where's the winter?
 reading lots and lots of books (and getting relatives to!)

 Taking family pictures on Christmas Eve

 Being a little silly

 Opening and playing with new toys

 Having colds two months in a row

 Drinking salsa?

and sleeping. Plus getting some good Daddy time!

Oh, and spinning! This kid is crazy! PS Barrett goes to Utah again this Sunday....anyone feel free to give me a call any time or invite me over....ha ha I'm counting down the months until we can have our own place again!