Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it spring yet?

I've been a slacker about posting lately. Anna has been sick on and off for the past month and I've been putting it off because it takes so darn long to upload photos and stuff on here. Then the other day I was looking at someone else's blog and discovered smilebox. It is sooooo much faster at uploading photos and videos!
So this post is dedicated to smilebox and the wonderful winter adventures we have been having cooped up in the house. Anna is extremely active these days and gets into everything...Cooper's food, plants, the laptop, dvd player, garbage, etc etc. She is so much fun though and is even talking a little. She says Daddy all day long (of course not mommy) and even calls Cooper daddy. It's hilarious! She also says hi to us and hot when she goes near the heaters. Here is a little slideshow! Enjoy!
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