Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lessons learned from Grandpa Robinson

Barrett's grandpa Wallace Clark Robinson passed away September 6th and we were fortunate to travel to Rexburg for the funeral. His grandpa lived in Newdale, Idaho most of his life and Barrett spent a lot of time up there growing up and then working on the farm when he was older. It was really touching for me to see how much he loved his grandpa. I have only known him a few years but I learned so much about him at his funeral.

Wally truly was an amazing man and did many incredible things in his life (such as start many businesses including the Wackee Six game) but there were several things talked about at his funeral that really hit home for me. Almost everyone that spoke at the funeral talked about how he never raised his voice, was very patient, and had an amazing ability to deal with whatever came his way. He made and lost several fortunes in his lifetime, but each time his attitude was that whatever comes we'll just deal with it.

I've really been thinking a lot lately about my role as a mother and how I can improve and learning about grandpa Robinson helped me realize some things I can change.

#1 don't worry so much! Grandpa had so much faith and always knew that if he was doing the best he could things would always work out. I need to have more faith like his.

#2 don't be in such a hurry. Grandpa was a hard worker and got things done, but when it came to working with people he was so patient. He was a good listener and let people figure things out on their own. I really need to improve in this area! I'm always telling Anna to hurry or not listening well to her because I'm trying to rush and do something.

#3 love your family and let them know it! Grandpa wasn't a man of a lot of words, but his family always knew he loved them. They were everything to him. He served in WWII and went AWOL for a few days after he married his wife because he couldn't bear to leave her.

I have never been a very affectionate person and I really hate that I'm not. I just read this amazing blog written by a friend of mine's aunt. She talks about bonding with babies and children and how important it is just to love them and give them affection. You can read it here. It almost made me cry to think that I have been following trends of the world that say babies need to learn to be independent and shouldn't be held and cuddled so much. I wish I would have read this when Anna was a baby!

I am really trying hard to be a better mother and follow the example of Barrett's grandpa. I also want to be more affectionate and just enjoy my children more. I worry too much about getting things done and even when I'm spending time with them I'm always thinking about other things I need to be doing. This is something I have struggled with for a long time. If anyone has any ideas of how to spend quality time with family and not worry so much about other things I am very open to suggestions!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Thoughts

I've been really inspired by many blogs that I've been reading lately. The written word has always been so powerful to me. I feel like my blog is nowhere near inspiring or probably even interesting for most people and I want to change that. I have been an avid journal writer for many years so most of my thoughts go in there instead of in my blog, but so many of my friends' blogs have influenced me that I feel like maybe if I am better at writing I can influence someone else for good as well. I feel like my blog needs to be more than sporadic updates of activities my family has done. I want it to be something that helps me think about things and express myself more freely. Maybe as I try to do this it will become easier and maybe I can inspire someone else along the way. That is one of the main reasons I do things on the internet. I want to uplift and help others just as I have been uplifted. Thank you to those faithful bloggers who put so much thought into what you write. Your words have helped me see things in different ways and have helped me want to be a better person (and a better blogger!)