Monday, August 31, 2009


Whew, now that we are here in Flagstaff and are over the unpacking and are back into the swing of things I have a few moments to blog! It's kinda a long story about getting our apartment and everything, so basically what happened is that we used to find our apartment so they had us emailing the manager through the website. Well we found out that I didn't get half of the emails from her, the most important being the one where she told us she got the application. Basically she gave up on us when she didn't hear back (because I never got her email) and almost gave our apartment away! We talked to her on Monday night August 3rd and headed down Friday the 7th. So that week was a crazy one of getting deposits sent, getting a Uhaul, and planning our trip. Barrett's parents were wonderful and helped us move. We drove both of our cars down (Barrett's mom rode with me to take care of Anna) and Barrett's dad drove his truck and pulled the Uhaul.

We took two days to get down here so we got to our apartment around 5:00 (Arizona time), signed our lease, and got moved in. Barrett's brother Jason also helped us move. It was so nice to have so much help. We were a little bit surprised at the apartment since we hadn't seen it at all before we came down, but it is a nice little place. It is a townhouse style so we have our bedrooms upstairs. I like it because it seems more like a house that way. I was sad to find out that there was no dishwasher, but it actually isn't that bad washing dishes by hand as long as I stay up on them.
Barrett's parents left on Sunday after we went to Sacrament meeting at our new ward. It was a fast trip for them, but we appreciate it! We have spent the past few weeks unpacking and organizing and exploring Flagstaff. The city design is very strange since all the major highways in Arizona run through the town. We quickly learned where to turn to not end up on the highway going to Phoenix or L.A.! The city is beautiful and covered in trees. We have found lots of parks and a trail system near our house so even though we don't have a yard at our apartment there are still lots of places for Anna to play.

Barrett started the physical therapy program a week ago and is excited about his experience here. It will be a lot more laid back than we thought (thank goodness) so I will actually get to see him a lot more than I thought! We also found out that his whole third year is just doing internships so we may only be in Flagstaff for two years. I think the time here is going to fly by. Barrett has a former mission companion, Mark Moss, who started the program with him. The weekend before they started school we went down to Mesa with Mark and his wife Paige and went to the temple and did some other fun things. It was so hot there! I couldn't believe it!

We counted that little day trip as part of our anniversary celebration. Our 3rd anniversary was on the 25th so we went out to eat at Olive Garden. I also surprised Barrett by buying some high heels for the occasion because he likes it when I wear them but I always refuse. He thought it was great! ha ha
We are just enjoying life here! Anyone is welcome to come visit us in the forest!