Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Beautiful Outdoors

Anna is a girl after my own heart...she loves to be outside! This summer was great because I could go outside with her and she loved to just sit in the grass and wiggle her feet. I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with her this winter. Lots of times she would be really grumpy and I would just take her outside and she'd be happy as can be. I can't do that when it's -20 outside! Anyway, here are some fun pictures of Anna enjoying the great outdoors.
Shooting guns with Daddy...NOT! What kind of mother would I be? Anna loves to ride in the backpack though. I got a jogging stroller so we could go places, but she likes the backpack way better.

Just enjoying a beautiful day in the park

Anna loves swinging at the park by our house. She was a little upset at me for stopping the swing so I could take a picture.

She loves the feel of grass. She's always kicking her feet in it and rubbing her hands over the tops of the blades. She likes to grab it too.

Wishing she could be outside on a cold day!

We put Anna in this pile of leaves the other day. I wasn't sure how she would react, but she loved it! She really liked the sounds they made as she kicked her feet and picked the leaves up. I love that children are so fascinated by the simplest things. It makes me remember and reflect on all the beauties of this world that I take for granted, like the petals on a flower. I love being a mom!

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is my first tag...thanks Em! :) The rules are list 6 quirks about yourself and then tag someone else.

I really had to think about this...

1. I absolutely love heights. I worked at Badger Creek for a summer and they have a ropes course. I loved being way up high all the time. Jumping off cliffs and bridges into the water is a lot of fun too. Growing up we used to jump off the roof of our house into the snow or onto the trampoline. I also like to climb trees...maybe I'm part monkey?

2. I have kept a journal since elementary school. I probably have at least 10 full journals in my storage room. I don't know what it is about keeping a journal, I almost feel compelled to write in it sometimes. It happens especially when I haven't written in a few weeks. Its like I'm thinking Oh no, some of my life hasn't been recorded! What ever will I do? ha ha But it is a great resource for remembering dates and other things that I have forgotten.

3. I am obsessed with milkshakes! It doesn't even matter what kind or where it comes from, I just love them. (This obsession was especially bad when I was pregnant!) I am a little partial to Arctic Circle though, because they have so many delicious flavors! My recent favorite is Nutter Butter with fudge. I do really like the berry ones too.

4. I am also somewhat obsessed with peanut butter. I love the stuff, and it goes with so many things. I eat it on bread, apples, pancakes or waffles, graham crackers, mixed with syrup (suprisingly yummy), on crepes, in ice cream, on crackers, mixed with chocolate (especially delicious)...the options are limitless. My children will have a hard time in my house if they are allergic to peanuts! It also has practical use: if you ever get gum stuck in your hair just use some peanut butter to get it out. It works!

5. This one is kinda gross, but I love to pop things. Some good examples are blisters and pimples. I know this sounds really disgusting, but I get satisfaction from watching the stuff shoot out of them. I also enjoy popping normal things though, like bubble wrap and plastic bags.

6. I am often very proud of the fact that I remember faces really well. (Not necessarily names though). I used to drive my family crazy whenever we went places together because I would see people that were familiar and say, "I know them"! My family would ask me what their name was and I would always say "I don't remember. But I know them from...". They all just laugh at me now. But it really drives me crazy when I see someone that I recognize and I can't remember where I know them from. Or sometimes I freak people out because I remember exactly who they are and they don't remember me. They think I am some weirdo who is stalking them!

Well, those are the quirks I came up with...hopefully they aren't too freaky! Lets see what these people's quirks are: Miriam, Jessica, and Sadie. Tag, you are it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

My silly girl

These are just some funny pictures of Anna that make me laugh. She is a funny girl!

This was one of those pictures that I took just at the right moment without even meaning to. She looks so happy to be getting a smooch from Dad!

We were taking a walk one day and this leaf just fell on Anna's head and stayed there until we got home. It was such a coincidence and made us laugh! It was like a little hat.

Silly Dad! I don't have any idea what he was doing with his socks all over her, but it was funny so I took a picture. (Notice I am not in any of these funny pictures. It's usually her dad's ideas that are crazy!

Mmmm, love that food! Sweet potatoes all over my face!

For a while Anna went through this phase where she was spitting all the time. She often looked like this when she was eating because she would spit right as I brought the spoon to her mouth and it just sprayed everywhere. It was pretty funny. Aparently she thought so too! She is my little miss sunshine!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Once again, I'm way behind in my posts. About a month ago we finally broke down and gave Anna a haircut. She had just one patch of hair that grew in the back and it had gotten so long it was almost to her forehead. It was really funny because it would stick up and wave in the wind. It looked like a really bad toupee. The funny thing is, now all of her hair is growing in, but that one spot in the back still grows a lot faster. Now she just has a lot of fuzzy hair that sticks up all over the place. My Grandad would have called her a tennis ball head!

Anna's long hair before we cut it.

We stuck it in a little ponytail just for fun. Talk about Alfalfa!

No more Alfalfa for me! (She really enjoyed the haircut as you can see)

This is what her fuzzy hair looks like now. It's pretty funny. (By the way, Anna has been sitting up on her own for about a month. She's only 5 1/2 months old! So strong!)