Monday, May 7, 2012


Anna turned 4 on April 19th and Caleb turned 2 on May 6th. They are both growing up so fast! We kept things pretty simple for both of them just spending time with family and having cake and ice cream. I even braved a new horizon and made both their cakes out of fondant-type frosting. I learned a lot and had fun making cute cakes for them. (If anyone wants to know how I made them just email me they were actually pretty easy!)

Anna is my sweet and sensitive girl. She loves to help do anything, loves being outside especially in the dirt, doesn't like getting hit by her brother (who would?), loves books, animals, barbies or any toy she can pretend with, is learning her letters and can write her name, loves drawing pictures of her family members, and asks me every day when her little sister is going to be born. She is so excited! Anna enjoyed her birthday and being the center of attention. She loves her new bike and toys.

Caleb is also a sweety but is definitely two! It amazes me every day how different those two are. Anna still likes me to help her do many things for her but Caleb wants to do everything himself. "My do it" or "I pull myself" are common phrases used. I don't mind letting him try to do things unless we are in a hurry to get somewhere! Caleb is all boy and loves race cars, guns, tractors, trains, etc etc. He also likes to play with dinosaurs and other animals but because he has an older sister often plays with barbies and babies too. He is so adorable and loves to hug my tummy and tell me about the cute baby in there. Caleb also had a fun birthday and loved every minute of it. "For my birtday today" We went bowling the day before, which he loved, and was so excited to get a new bike and Cars toys.

I love my two blue-eyed kids and thank God every day for the chance I get to be their mom. Barrett is all done with his internships now so hopefully I will be blogging more often now that the laptop isn't in Utah most of the time!


Morgan said...

We got the twins bikes for their birthday, and they hate them. We got their bikes a little bigger than maybe we should have, since we don't want to have to buy 2 more flipping bikes in a year, and they hate us for it. Hopefully they just CHILL OUT. Anyway, 4 is big! 2 is bigger (and sassier!). Your kids are adorable, your face is beautiful, and being pregnant STINKS. Good luck my love. =)

The Martins said...

I am amazed at the cakes! So cute! Anna and Caleb look so grown up. Can't believe how fast time goes by. You have such cute kids. So excited to see your 3rd in 8 weeks! So excited for you!